Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I can't believe my life! and other ramblings

My mom came up today and we made 3 batches of strawberry jam. Ryan's job was to wash the berries and she did a great job! She stuck through it happily through three half flats of berries and was ready to do more! We got 18 various sized jars out of the deal. Cole napped pretty much the whole time we were cutting up the berries and processing the first batch. The house was hot but it smelled yummy. I remember my mom canning when I was little and no doubt it is why I do it today. I want Ryan and Cole to remember us doing it with their Grammy and talk about it with their children. I wish that my sister and my Grandmother were here to join in (Sister died in '93 and Mom's mom died from breast cancer shortly after my parents were married back in the '60's.) I am glad that I can pass on that tradition to my kids. Anywho, raspberries ripen in about two weeks. I plan to do apricots, maybe some red plums, and the tiny little blackberries and huckleberries, if possible - hard to do those with little kids. In the fall I'll make applesauce and can pears. I learned last year that when you think you have enough, you need to do 2 more batches because it is heaven in the winter. I am also going to try to make pepper jelly. My step-mom made this last year and I think it was one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. She made it with bell peppers (orange, red and yellow) instead of jalapenos and the color and taste was phenomenal.
We have had a number of nice days so we have been busy at the park and out in the jogger. The down side to that would be (besides allergies) the skylights in the bedrooms above my bed that made my room hotter than Hades. It makes nap time in here near impossible, but the kids don't know how to nap anywhere else except the car. The bathroom stays cool but there is not enough room in the tub for the three of us to sleep. I keep my computer turned off because it manages to add a couple of degrees to the room, I am sure of it, not to mention the fan that runs to keep it cool which drives me crazy. Therefore I cannot sneak in here at a moment's notice to write something or check my email. I still have the card I made for a 4th of July birthday on my camera and I think I will post it tomorrow.
Our daisies are beginning to bloom out in the front yard. These plants were given to me by my friend Toni - they came from her Grandma's garden and I love that fact. They are so cheerful. Ryan noticed the four that have opened the other day and she came running into the house so excited. She had her hands up to her face, one on each cheek (disbelief!) saying, "Mommy! I can't believe my life!" Somewhere along the way she has gotten her sayings crossed and I think she actually means "I can't believe my eyes!", however it is so stinkin' funny I'm gonna leave it as is.
Ya know babe, sometimes I can't believe my life either.

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