Friday, May 2, 2008

Hide-and-go-seek! ( 3 Year Old Version)

Wendy, you close your eyes and I'll hide, 'kay?
Okay! Ready? I'll close my eyes. One... two...
Ryan scampers off to hide, giggling loudly the whole way.
three.... four....
scrambling inside the box, almost shrieking with delight
five... six...
Tee hee hee seven... eight...
nine... ten... Ready, or not, here I come! Now where is Ryan?
Over here!
Is she under the table?
Is she under the easel?
No, I'm in the box! By the door!
Did I hear something? Was it Ryan?
Yes it was!
giggle giggle
I think I'll look in the box!
laughter from within
Oh! There you are!
How did you ever find me?

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