Monday, March 3, 2008

Daughter's birthday

It was such a fun day. I got everything accomplished that I wanted to get done, in one way or another. My mom came up and we went to lunch; we had a nice meal together. We got home, frosted cupcakes and waited for big sister and her family to arrive. R opened presents like a mad woman. I think she has entered the age where the opening is the gift and the present is something to be enjoyed later. She got What Grandmas Can't Do from my mom. Grammy personalized it by adding little pictures of my kids and her dogs and all the little places we go together when we got to her house (Starbucks and the French Bakery) and it is so cute. Her big gift is the contribution to her 529 plan. She got an easel with all the supplies, a Gymboree outfit, a soft sushi set, Mommy's Little Tote, Summertime in the Big Woods (Laura Ingalls Wilder) and My First Book of Sushi from her dad and I. She got My Little Pony, Pooh coloring stuff, and some sweet safety-themed books from her aunt and cousin. Her uncle got her a play sushi set - so cute! G & G in CO got her a beautiful Gymboree rose jumper outfit, a piano trumpet, and Emma a mood puzzle. From her big sister and her family she got 2 cute (yellow & turquoise) shirts and an adorable set of brown petal pusher pants. Her in-house big sister got her a Beta fish. I remembered to actually use my camera during a family event! Yeah!

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