Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you! We (my kids and DH) went to my mom's house for a lovely dinner. She pulled all her four-forked recipes off Epicurious and dinner was fabulous. She made deviled eggs with wasabi! Yummy Yum Yum! I made these boxes for everyone at the table. Here is a link to Kristina's video tutorials - there is a lot of great information here: and she is as cute as a bug! Inside the boxes I made were a Cadbury Caramel Creme Egg (a favorite from my childhood) and a Lindt Chocolate Egg (a favorite from my second childhood). Cole, who is allergic to peanuts and egg whites got raisins. He is only 15 months anyway. The Easter Bunny was good to my kids. Thank goodness for grandparents and attentive aunt and uncles. I completely forgot to dye eggs with my kids this past week. I am sure the kits will be on sale today at the store! It will be fun no matter what day. :D

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