Friday, March 7, 2008

An Excerpt from the Messenger of Magnolia Street

I enjoy food so this passage struck a cord with me. To set the scene Nehemiah has come home from D.C.after being gone from his little home town for 10 years and has gone to his aunt's cafe:

Hunger that winds and growls around the empty places of his soul. Before he knows it, he isn't eating. He is diving, rolling, wading through food. Rejoicing in food. Passionate all over again, in a brand-new way, about food. About each dish laid out before him. His knife is the conductor, his fork the first string, and he is performing for a private, delighted audience of one. He has wandered right into being love-drunk on gravy, and just another bite of that jelly on just one more biscuit. He is full of so much love, so much flour, and pinches of this and that, that his eyes water.

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