Monday, March 17, 2008

Letting my self go

"Mommy, your bed smells like poop."
Great, what every mother wants to hear.

Okay, so I farted. (What did I eat?) It was nap time and I was breastfeeding the little one while reading stories to my toddler when I tooted under the covers. You know how that storm system travels under the cover of darkness, and a down comforter. But that is one of the things I have noticed about myself since I have been a stay at home mom. At first I kinda relished in the fact that I could fart when I wanted; until now, my coworkers never complained. After a while, you stop thinking about it and let one slip when you're in public. Oooops!

Gosh, I can remember being in about 7th grade and praying while I was walking down the hallway of middle school not to do something totally embarrassing. "Don't trip. Don't fart. Is there something stuck in my braces? Oh my god, I think I have a wedgie! Did I put on my Secret deodorant this morning? Is my bra showing? Oh, there's Jimmy V. Just walk normal. Is everyone looking at my butt?"

End of an era, I guess. And I can just imagine being in the line at Starbucks when my toddler tells on me in front of a lot of people.

"No dear, that was your father."

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