Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fitted Sheets

Don't they just drive you crazy when you want to fold them as nice as the flat sheets? Sometimes it just really BUGS me when I can't get something to look nice. And yes, I have even resorted to having a mini-temper tantrum (privately, as I should be modeling proper anger management to my young children) and balling up the wad and shoving it on the ridiculously shallow shelf in my bedroom closet. There!

Today I went on line to search folding fitted sheets knowing that Martha has one out there. I wish Martha had done a video; however, I hadn't ironed my sheet before attempting this project anyway. I watched a couple before realizing I wasn't in the mood to follow directions step-by-step. I did it how I usually do it (no, I didn't have a temper tantrum) and it turned out pretty good. I thought this video was the best one of them all:
I'll try it next time!

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