Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mommy, keep your eyes open

I don't want to! I am sick.
Mommy, why are you spitting in the sink? I could hear the concern in my daughter's voice as I dealt with a terrible headache and yes, regurgitating my lunch.
Mommy, just take a deep breath, my daughter tells me. She's such a sweetheart. My son is on a high-fat diet so that he gains some more weight. We even go back to the doctor on Wednesday because he hasn't gained enough since January. He drinks half and half instead of whole milk. He gets toast with lots of butter and breakfast sausages to start his day. Cheese whenever he wants. Steak and pasta Alfredo for lunch. Basically I feed him everything I wish I could eat a lot of. Everything that isn't on his allergy list, which complicates the whole food thing. So yesterday after nap I fed him ice cream (made with only egg yolks) and whipped cream. I also ate some too. (sigh) I have no trouble gaining weight. But that all came back up. The good news is that it tastes okay the second time around. I have learned from experience that Doritos do not taste good again, but peaches are pleasant. The kids had the same thing that I had but they were fine, thank heavens.
The children, of course, can sense that I am ill. Ryan was making sure I was cozy on the couch and sharing the blanket with me so I didn't feel alone. Cole was up close looking in my eyes and giving me pats. I, of course, sleep with one eye open because he has not yet grasped the term gentle. Well, I should have kept an eye open. He bonked me on the head with the house phone and the hand-held music box that once belonged to my sister. (Think sharp object before the idea of baby-proofing and child-safety was invented.) He also thinks it's funny to sit and throw himself back with all his might. It is just not so funny if he is on your lap and you're caught unaware. God, you gotta always be on your A game as a mom.
I make a call to my DH to see what he has got going on. He is at his son's baseball game out of town. After that, the boy is off to batting and then back home to work with the personal trainer. No help there. The last time I was sick, it was January. My son was sick too and lost the weight that I had been able to put on him. He was drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast with half and half which the doctor suggested as a weight-gainer that night. Now he has taste aversion to anything chocolate and grape (Pedialyte). Anyway, the morning that I was first ill I asked my DH to please go to the store to get some 7-Up. My mom always served Fresca during these episodes and to tell you the truth I am not sure they even make it anymore. DH said that he didn't have time. (DH is older than I am - I think that he forgets that someday I am going to be taking care of him. Think slightly evil giggle.) How nice and caring he is - just makes me wait, that is the fever. I am not sure I covered this in my Thank God for Girlfriends Post, but my friend Shannon brought some over right away and she and the 7-Up were life-savers. I love my girlfriends.
So I move off the couch and to my bed for maybe a moment's peace for my headache. Soon the little pitter patter of small feet can be heard. And a moment after that, Cole is straddling me and bouncing up and down because this is how we play "Giddy-up Horsey" and Ryan is jumping on the bed. Ahh, peace and quiet.
When my husband comes home I am serving dinner to the little ones. Frozen mini-pizza that I don't have to prepare, or smell much for that matter. When he comes in he says hi, scrapes the little kids off of him and heads to the garage so he can participate in personal training. Are you kidding me? I barfed. I still have a screaming headache. And you're going to do what you always do? He doesn't really like the look on my face but isn't stupid enough to ask "What?" He amends this by taking the baby with him to the garage. Not really helpful because it prolongs the dinner hour for me and puts off bath and bedtime for all of us. But I take advantage of it by finishing the laundry. Yippee.
I get "dinner" fed to the little kids and have them in the bath when DH comes to ask me about dinner plans. If you were a baby bird I could help you quite easily... open wide. Okay, that's gross and evil thinking but I am doing way more than I feel like as it is. There is plenty of stuff in the fridge.
It's fend for yourself night!
I think I heard him heading off to the store as I was putting jammies on. It is always fun when he goes to the store because he buys as if money isn't tight, and even better if he goes hungry because there are all kinds of treats in the house for days.
I put the three of us to bed and was asleep before 10:00 p.m.
I am much better today, thanks!

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