Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tire Swing

When I was a kid we had a huge elm tree in our front yard where my dad placed a tire swing. This provided hours of fun for my sister and I as well as our neighborhood friends. When my husband gets home my kids greet him in a way that any outsider to our family would think was bizarre. They both lay down on their backs with their hands and feet up, little turtles who have landed on their backs and can't roll back over. Or the little dogs in the pack showing their bellies in submission to the Big Dog. Then comes the mantra from the little boy, "'wing, 'wing!" They want to go for a swing. I swear my daughter is as tall as she is for her age because she has been stretched out from swinging. It's the stuff the doctor tells you not to do and dad does it anyway. Swinging comes in a variety of ways and all to the delight of the little ones. There is much happy shrieking and laughing and it does make everyone smile.

It's hard not to smile when you go for a swing at the park - I almost never see kids frowning while swinging. I find it is a place where you can let go of those things that pester your mind and drive you crazy. When I lived in Ohio there was a factory that had a company park with the old time swing set - the kind that would not be allowed to remain standing these days. The arc of that swing when you were really going seemed to last forever. I loved that swing and wonder if it still there.
There was a challenge two weeks ago on scs on using eyelets. The above card was my submission and these were the thoughts behind the sentiment from the Happy Hellos stamp from the Stampin' Up Lots of Thoughts stamp set.

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