Monday, April 7, 2008

The Purse Game

Have you ever played this game at a bridal shower? It's the one where you dump out your purse and you get points for certain things. Here is what is in my yellow and black Beijo purse:
  1. Wallet #1, supposed to be for check book but it doesn't fit
  2. Wallet #2, just for credit cards and ID
  3. Packet of Kleenex, opened
  4. Wrigley's 5, new gum product, unopened - don't even know if it tastes good!
  5. Check book & register
  6. Stila lipstick "Jo" (red, from my wedding)
  7. Bloom lip gloss "Cutie Pie" kinda dark pink & is the YUMMIEST!
  8. Mary Kay Signature eyeliner pencil "Amethyst" sample
  9. Chapstick "Peppermint"Aquaphor Healing Ointment sample
  10. 2 Carefee mini pads
  11. 1 Kotex Ultra Thin Ultra Compact pad
  12. 1 o.b.
  13. Cowgirl Chocolates "Spicy Orange Espresso" (dark chocolate) for a real emergency
  14. Mini key chain ProMariner flashlight
  15. L's BD gift card :)~
  16. Broken zipper pull from purse (need to find some pliers)
  17. 7 receipts (grocery store, Starbucks, scrapbook store, used book store)
  18. Empty Red Starbucks Mitten to hold gift card which some little purse bandit misplaced today (Grrrrr!)
  19. And the Pièce de résistance: Frigo Cheese Head String Cheese, unopened, put in there a little over a week ago now, I believe

What's in Yer Wallet?

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